Walk 1: Point of the wood

This is one of the most scenic routes that you could take. You start at the pier(located towards the top of the village), proceed towards the hotel and continue past the caravan site towards the green fields leading to the entrance of the woodpoint Woods. From here there are a number of paths through the woods leading to the scenic point and on towards the numerous coves. If you are feeling very adventurous there is a wishing well hidden between the coves just waiting to be found!!


Walk 2: Over the Hills

Begin at the pier taking the main road to Timoleague. Take the first left after passing the speed limit sign. By continuing up the hill you will be able to get a clear spectacular view of the village and the surrounding area. Follow on the route until you come to a T junction. From this point you can either turn right which will bring you back into the village. If you you turn left, once again you have a chance to view the natural landscape of the place. This route will also bring you back into the village but its just a slightly longer route!!


Walk 3: The Fuschia Walk

The fuschia walk is a breathtaking walk that simply must be taken by any visitors touring the area. Especially in the summer this walk is by far one of the most popular routes as it has the added beauty of striking fuschia flowers all along the walk in vibrant colours of reds, purples, and whites. You have the option of following the walk to the point of the wood, where you continue on through fields which will be signposted for you. Or you can begin by going to the Church of Ireland, if coming from the hotel, turn left up the hill and take the first left turn which leads up to Ramsey Hill. Take the first left after the group of houses (just before the new estate Clear Water) and continue on past the first house, turn right at the signpost and the raised wall with the fuschia walk sign should be right in front of you.

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